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Mumguard Helmet red

-   Mumguard | ID: N040
-  Size (long x wide x high, cm): 19 x 19 x 18
-  Weight: 0.33
- Material: synthetic fiber imports
- Colour: blue, turquoise, red, pink, purple
- Ages: children from 6 months to 5 years old with her head round from 40-50 cm
- Brand Origin: Vietnam
- Made in Vietnam
- You may call (028) 7309.3479 to order goods instead of ordering on the website.
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202,000 đ 225,000 đ     Buy now
HeadGuard will be accompanying you to protect the entire time you start halting first steps until the child began to get acquainted with the vehicles 4, 3, 2 wheels, skateboard, rollerblade shoes ... period the most active and vulnerable to the stumble, fall and collide with the surrounding.

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