Dầu tràm trị cảm Cung Đình GOLD 50ml
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Cung Dinh Cajeput Oil GOLD 50ml

-   Cung Đình | ID: M029
-  Size (long x wide x high, cm): 4 x 4 x 11
-  Weight: 0.11
-  Size: 4cm x 4cm x 11cm (length x width x high) 
-  Material type: Alpha Terpineol, Cineol
-  Made in Vietnam
-  You may call (028) 7309.3479 to order goods instead of ordering on the website.
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Melaleuca, or Tea Tree oil, is best known for its purifying qualities, which make it useful for cleansing the skin and home surfaces, purifying the air, or promoting healthy immune function.

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