Tã vải Bambi Mio ban ngày size L
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Bambi Mio daytime cloth diaper size L

-   Bambi Mio | ID: V052
-  Size (long x wide x high, cm): 19 x 17 x 3
-  Weight: 0.22
-  Size: 19cm x 17cm x 3cm (length x width x high) 
-  Material type: View on package
-  Made in Vietnam
-  You may call (028) 7309.3479 to order goods instead of ordering on the website. 
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Pocket diapers are easy to use, machine washable and dryable.
Wash temperature: less than 86 °F to avoid the PUL from delaminating.
Health: Cloth diapers help parents reduce exposure of their babies’ skin and lungs to the chemicals in disposable diapers.
Cute and comfortable: Parents love putting soft cloth diapers, available in a variety of styles and patterns, on their babies.
Our diapers are made of strong absorbent breathable material this helps prevent diaper rash and leaks. No need for a cover!
Check out our many colors and prints - bright colors bring happy and harmonious feeling to baby and make diapering enjoyable!

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