Bình tập uống McGoldson Tritan 240ml xanh ngọc
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Lipzo toothbrushes kids2

-   Lipzo | ID: V644
-  Size (long x wide x high, cm): 20 x 4 x 2
-  Weight: 0.055
-  Size (long x wide x high, cm): 15 x 2 x 2
-  Material type: plastic PP, plastic TPE, Ion Ag+
-  Size: 20 x 4 x 2 (length x width x high) 
-  Made in Vietnam
-  You may call (028) 7309.3479 to order goods instead of ordering on the website.
Promotion remaining time:
Type Price Count
Xanh lá 18,000 đ
Xanh dương 18,000 đ
Hồng 18,000 đ
Cam 18,000 đ

With the application of super soft Dental Floss Technology, alongside the bristles with softness and length suitable with kids over 5 years old (the age when milk teeth and permanent teeth coexist), KidS2 gently brushes off teeth surface and even the smallest teeth gaps. Super soft bristle tips are designed specifically for kids over 5 years old
Silver Nano Technology electrolyzes Silver molecules into microsize Silver ions that penetrate into toothbrush bristles for more effective antibacterial, deodorizing and anti-mold functions, and more importantly, much safer for kid oral care
Toothbrush holder is specially designed with eye-catching animal shape. Made from imported medical plastic, toothbrush holder is free from mold and stains throughout usage time. Toothbrush foot with vacuum technique adheres to all surfaces, creating excitement for kids while brushing

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