Gừng thảo dược toàn thân Cung Đình
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Cung Dinh ginger herbal fullness

-   Làm Đẹp Cung Đình | ID: M312
-  Size (long x wide x high, cm): 5 x 5 x 17
-  Weight: 0.5
- Ingredients: Ginger and herbs
- Origin brand: Vietnam
- Place of production: Vietnam
- You may call (028) 7309.3479 to order goods instead of ordering on the website.
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Cung Dinh ginger herbal fullness is an option for great relaxing and compact therapy with the effect of restoring the body to depression, reduce pain, fatigue. At the same time, the heat generated by the whole body ginger will keep the body warm, prevent post-natal cold, damaged and brightened skin, giving women a smooth skin. 

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